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Photo Gallery

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In Concert
In Concert
In Concert
In Concert
Pentecost at St. Paul's Bloor Street in Toronto
(May 2015)
Concert in Hamilton (Nov 2014)
Concert in Hamilton (Nov 2014)
Visiting the Brass and Woodwind Shop in Victoria BC (June 2015)
With Claudio Fantinato and the
Sea Wind alto and tenor (June 2015).
Ode to Life
n Paradisum
With composer Timothy Corlis performing
"In Paradisum" in Vancouver.
With, Boyd McDonald, composer Timothy Corlis and tenor Brandon Leis.
Preparing for the premiere of Corlis's "In Paradisum" in 2007
With Paul Brodie & Gino Nobili at the
Selmer U.S. plant in Elkhart, Indiana.
World Sax Congress 1985 in Washington DC
Two by Four
Performance of Leonard Enns' "Two by Four" at University of Guelph
With Gerald Danovitch
Paul Brodie Student Reunion
Willem w. University of Guelph students
Saxophone Clinic in Kingston (2013)
Masterclass at Mohawk Collge (2012)
Band Clinic
Another group I enjoyed teaching
Great fun working with these guys at a clinic
The importance of good support
Representing Jupiter Canada
Find the interview under Links (or click here)
James, Gino and Willem
Jazz great, and former Brodie student John Tank
With Gino Nobili & James Houlik
Jazz great, and former Brodie student John Tank
With Gord Burnett & Boyd McDonald
2X4 Len's
With Gord Burnett & Boyd McDonald
With Catherine Robertson. Stephanie Kramer and Boyd McDonald after recording
"Hammer and Wind".
Paul Brodie on the Bass Saxophone
With Paul and Rima Brodie at their home in Bala, Ontario - August 2005




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