About Willem

Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone saxophones
The soprano, alto, tenor and baritone are the most commonly played members of the saxophone family.

Saxophonist Willem Moolenbeek enjoys a varied musical career that spans most genres and styles. He has performed with pop groups, as an orchestral soloist, chamber musician and in recital. His music can frequently be heard on broadcasts by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. His teachers have included Canadian concert saxophonist Paul Brodie as well as Americans Frederick Hemke, Arthur Hegvik and James Houlik. His focus in recent years has been to exploit the vocal qualities of the tenor saxophone in particular. He has recorded two albums with concert pianist Boyd McDonald, Songs without Words, Heartsongs and Wings of Song. As well he recently released The Christmas Songs with keyboardist Carl Horton.

Various composers have written works for him including Andrew Ager, Barry Cabena, Leonard Enns, Timothy Corlis and Boyd McDonald. Two works by Leonard Enns are available on the 2007 recording “Hammer and Wind”.

He has been featured on the cover of the international Saxophone Journal for his pioneering work on the tenor saxophone.

Willem is an artist/clinician for Jupiter Saxophones, presenting workshops and concerts at schools and universities. This article can be used as a handout during his clinics. Helpful Hints for Happy Saxophonists. For developing good air support read this article from Canadian Musician.

He has performed over 2500 interactive music programs for school children over that past two decades.


Willem Moolenbeek teaches saxophone as part of the applied music faculties of McMaster University, the University of Waterloo (Conrad Grebel University College) and the National Music Camp of Canada.

Private lessons at all levels can be arranged online or at my studio in Waterloo, Ontario. I also have experience in teaching students online.