What Others Say

A standard for tonal excellence in the world of reed music; uncanny control and expression – The Record

An extraordinary musician who showed every facet of his family of instruments –Hamilton Spectator

He spins long, lyrical melodies on his saxophone and negotiates the most virtuosic passages.  The real surprise is his beautiful tone, which can be both luminous and dramatic. – Stratford Concerts

With intense energy, musicality and obvious passion, Willem left us feeling that we had been well entertained and had our musical views very gently widened. It was a great experience. – Bobcaygeon Music Council

The most beautiful tenor saxophone sound I have ever heard – Paul Brodie O.C. (1934-2007). Read my interview with Paul

”Willem is an excellent saxophone educator: patient but relentless demanding attention to tone and proper technique.”

Juan E. Muñoz, MD and sax student

“Willem is not only a professional artist on the saxophone but also a very patient, sensitive and highly motivated te‎acher with lots of experience. So glad to have him as my teacher!”

Martin Giebel , pastor and online student

“Willem’s passion and insight as an instructor has inspired me not only to improve my performance ability but to go beyond what I thought I was capable of. I look forward to passing on his knowledge and insight to my students in the future.”

Lizuarte De Sousa, saxophonist and teacher


This link connects you to a blog by one of my students, Sarah Anne Wolkowski,  wherein she reflects on her first lesson with me; a few years ago (30). She earned  a couple of performance degrees  and went on to acquire a terrific accumulation of insights and accolades, both as a performer and teacher.

Willem Moolenbeek


I recently received a note from a student from my classes at McMaster University in the late 2000s.

Hi Willem,
I hope the years between us have been kind to you and your family, and that this message finds you well.
I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your patience and dedication with my technical development while I was a young, underdeveloped musician. I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on where I am as a musician now, compared to when I was your student at McMaster. I really had a terrible ear back then, and was really a slave to the mechanics of the instrument, as well as the notes on the page.
Through your instruction, which I carry to this day, I am proud of the music I create, and I truly feel my sense of tonality and musicality would not be where it is without you.
I am a high school music teacher now, and I have applied your methods to all instrumentalists that walk through my door, and I notice drastic improvements week by week. I even apply those methods and understanding to my guitar playing, which has also exponentially improved in recent years.
Anyways, I will wrap this up here, as I could go on at great length as to how your instruction has shaped me into the musician and educator that I am.
Thank you for putting up with me years ago!  If only I was the musician then, that I am now…
With utmost respect,