Alphie – A Star Finds His Twinkle

The Alphie "set"
The Alphie “set”

Welcome to Singingsax, the website of saxophonist Willem Moolenbeek and cyber home of Alphie, the star of his popular children’s programs.

“A Star Finds his Twinkle” tells the story of a star’s view on various aspects of the world using music and drawing to illustrate the points.


• I felt your performance was truly magical. The students and the staff gained so much from the experience that people still talk about the day you were here. We all left so much richer, our spirit brighter and our step springier. Principal, Scarborough

• I was very impressed by Willem Moolenbeek’s musical presentation for grades 1 to 6. The students were very attentive and interested in what he was doing. He is really outstanding. Teacher, Waterloo Region

• The students are still talking about it. Their excitement spilled over to the rest of the school. Everybody was asking about what they heard. St. Mary Catholic School, Elora

• Congratulations on providing such an informative and enjoyable presentation for youth and for enhancing our jobs as music teachers. Music Teacher, North York

This is the set for my school program on a stage.